The First 5 Things We're Ordering from BAB

They're opening on Wednesday 8th July and we're already thinking about what to eat...

By Manchester's Finest | 7 July 2020

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Yep, you read that correctly – Northern Quarter favourite BAB is re-opening again next week, and so we’ve been thinking about what we’re going to order when it does.

A word of warning though – you might dribble on your keyboard so get a bib before continuing.

Venison Poutine Kebab
A kebab topped with poutine?! Yep – it’s everything you ever thought you could want from a dish and more. So, on top of their homemade flatbread they pile pickled onions, fries and sliced venison, then they pour on a ton of cheese fondue and finally – super meaty venison gravy goes over the whole lot. Trust me – this is mega.


Spring Lamb Adana Kebab
A twist on their classic Lamb kebab, they’ve added feta, pistachio nuts and a mint & broad bean pesto to the succulent, juicy lamb and it’s SO good. You might not think these things go but they do – they really do.


Grilled Feta Skillet
From the BAB Mezze menu comes this indulgent little bugger – a dish that’s super naughty but essential. If I had to describe it to someone who’s never had the pleasure, it’s like a Feta Fondue, topped with a variety of tasty bits and pieces. There’s some bread for dipping and scooping, olives, walnuts, pickled chilli and honey drizzled on top.


Chip Shop Halloumi Kebab
The kind of dish that makes you not mind that you’re a vegetarian, BAB have managed to take all of the best things about ‘not meat’ and plonked it all onto this absolute beauty of a dish. It’s got everything – wasabi peas, puffed potatoes, beer batter bits and a chip shop curry sauce – all brought together with some grilled halloumi. Superb.


Greek Fries
This might be a controversial one but I don’t care. I want these fries. I need these fries. I’ve missed these fries SO much. Sure, choose a couple of brilliant kebabs and a bit of feta, and maybe some Lamb Chops but you MUST get these fries. No visit to BAB is complete without ’em. They come topped with tzatziki, garlic mayo, feta, olives and chilli sauce and they’re outstanding.

Of course, there’s LOADS more than these 5 to choose from at BAB – and luckily for us all – we can get eating it all from Wednesday 8th July. Check out the menu and book a table below…


BAB Re-opening


Date: Wednesday 8th July

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