The Northern Quarter's Newest Late Night Burger Bar for the 'Purists'

DD's Burgers are taking it all back to basics with some seriously sexy burgers...

By Manchester's Finest | 4 December 2020

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It must be said that in the last decade or so, the humble burger has turned from a rather simple meat-filled sandwich into an unstoppable monster.

You can’t sit in a pub or a restaurant nowadays without a HUGE burger staring back at you – one that’s been filled with half of the pantry, more cheese than a French cellar and a couple of fireworks shoved in the top for good measure.

Now, I’m not exactly complaining about this – but sometimes you want just an honest, normal burger where everything works as it should do and you can really taste the effort and quality that have gone into it.

If you feel the same way, then look no further that DD’s Burgers at Northern Quarter institution The Koffee Pot, whom, since the first lockdown, have been serving up and delivering (with their MFDF nominated DIY Kits) proper ‘pure’ burgers, with no bells or whistles, just fresh, homemade and absolutely banging!

Looking to go against all of the OTT burgers out there, the team went about finding and creating a menu that was classic, with no gimmicks, no weird shit – just super tasty, classic, juicy burgers (and sides of course!)

The classic Double Bacon Cheeseburger!

Everything is homemade from scratch where possible, working with Littlewoods Butchers in Stockport to create their signature patties to their secret recipe. They’re ground fresh each morning using 35-days-aged Aberdeen Angus x Herefordshire cattle Rib-Eye steak trim.

Cooked to your liking, you can ask them to cremate them if you like, but we all know that the best burgers should be a little bit pink inside. Topped with proper American cheese and their homemade burger sauce – these beauties are simple but they’re SOOOO good.

The menu is simple with the traditional Cheeseburger (£7), Bacon Cheeseburger (£8.00) and a Blue Burger (£8.50) which comes topped ith crumbled Shropshire blue. The most ‘outlandish’ offering they have is their Reuben Burger (£9) which comes stuffed with The Koffee Pot’s signature salt beef, Swiss cheese, thousand island, pickles and sauerkraut.

You can also ‘double up’ on the cheeseburgers for a couple of quid extra – if you’re feeling especially hungry and/or hungover.

I mentioned the sides earlier because they’re pretty impressive at DD’s also. They’ve not just bought a couple of big bags of McCain’s chips to fry – they’ve approached their sides with the same detail, diligence and passion as the burgers.

So you’ve got their Shoestring Fries (£3) which took them an absolute age to perfect, flying through as many different potatoes as they could find – just to get the right consistency, crunch and taste to them. A job well done though – they’re absolutely mega! They’re also cooked in BEEF DRIPPING!

You’ll also find Loaded Potato Skins (£5), their Ruben Balls (£5) which are like potato croquettes stuffed with salt beef, Swiss cheese and sauerkraut, and their Drunk Fries (£5) are coated in a superb BEER-CHEESE sauce and chimichurri. I had them at Stretford Food Hall a few months back and I’ve been thinking about them ever since.

Drunk Fries – I’ll never forget these!

All of this can be washed down with a couple of pints from Camden and ShinDigger, or some Breton cider – where the apple is pressed between hay – which might sound weird but is actually amazing. There’s also milkshakes, VEGAN milkshakes and more!

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DD’s Burgers is open Friday & Saturday between 12pm – 8pm. They’re currently doing takeaway only with deliveries coming soon!

To PRE-ORDER – DM on Instagram (below) or call:

The DD’s Burger Hotline
0161 236 8918

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