The VERY substantial Pigs in Blankets ARE BACK at The Bay Horse Tavern!

The best boozer in the land has had a shake up to adhere to Boris' rules.

By Ben Brown | 27 October 2020

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This is breaking so many rules now and those crisps are NOT substantial!

We love The Bay Horse Tavern here in the Finest office. I don’t that it’s much of a secret considering one of us is pretty much ALWAYS in there.

If it’s not Ben Brown drinking a kalimoxto in the beer garden or Jake Hardy getting told off for being too loud, it’s Alex Watson wolfing down a huge plate of Sausages and Mash in record time.

What a pub.

We love it – and I’m sure you do too. So it’s likely that you felt a bit of concern when Greater Manchester was placed in Tier 3 this week – but fear not – The Bay Horse has some plans of their own.

From Friday they’ll be introducing a new ‘Pub Classics Menu‘ where you can choose one food dish from their new menu and one drink (£6.50), two drinks (£10.50) or 3 drinks (£14.50). The drinks on offer include selected pints, spirit & mixer, Hooch and wine.

Pigs in Blankets are back! Yes!

What about the food though!? Well, you can choose from one of the following…

Pub Stew
Gammon + Cheese Sandwich
Bacon Butty
Cheese + Pickle Sandwich
Pork Pie + Chips/Salad
PIGS IN BLANKETS (pigs in blankets, Yorkshire pudding, gravy)

Yep, the Pigs in Blankets are BACK! I’m SO excited! And you should be too. See you down there tonight for food and bevs.

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The Bay Horse Tavern, 35-37 Thomas St, Manchester M4 1NA
0161 669 5799