The Weekly Drool #030 - Deep Fried Avocado at Rey Del Cerdo

Maybe the naughtiest yet - it's deep fried avocado people!

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 18 July 2020

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These last few years has seen the humble avocado go from obscure brown thing in the weird bit at the supermarket to gracing 70% of the UK gullets on a weekend.

They finally made it to the big time when Australian real estate millionaire Tim Gurner told a group of millennials; “If you want to buy a house, stop buying avocado on toast.” What an idiot.

Blaming a vegetable on the dire state of the housing market is one thing, but taking our avocados away from us – well, it’s just not going to happen – they’re now fully entrenched in the ‘Brunch’ revolution. And I’m all for it.

Most avocados you eat will have come from Mexico and Central America, where the fruit has been gracing dishes and diets for around 10,000 years – and so any visit to a Mexican restaurant – you’re going to see a lot of ’em.

One such visit wasn’t to a restaurant but instead Hatch on Oxford Road, home to Rey Del Cerdo, a fantastic taco joint who have something truly spectacular on their menu – Tempura Avocado (£3.50).

Everything instantly becomes 10x better when you encase it in batter, and these chunks of avocado are absolutely sublime. The frying process ensures that they go soft and smooth, but retain their shape within the light crispy batter. It’s as close to eating fried butter as I’ve ever come and I loved it.

On the side comes a couple of pots of Rey Del Cerdo’s very own hot sauces – one red and one green. Both are outstanding, with just the right amount of heats, and the perfect accompaniment to what is essentially the greatest way to eat avocado ever.


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