The World's First Fried Chicken Roast Dinner (Probably)

Kong's Chicken Shop have created the ultimate mash-up...

By Ben Brown | 10 August 2021

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Everyone loves a Roast Dinner. In fact, I know at least 5 different people who’s favourite meal ever is the Sunday Roast – and will religiously go out every week and hunt down the latest and greatest offering.

There’s just something inherently British about the Roast Dinner, a meal that has countless variations imaginable and can just as easily be eaten in front of a fire in an old school boozer in winter as out on a terrace in Benidorm in the baking hot sun with a cold pint and Only Fools & Horses on the telly.

The last couple of years has seen Manchester really impress with their Roast Dinner offerings, and there’s even been some frankly quite mad creations turn up – such as the Vietnamese Roast Dinner at NAM a few months back which was seriously good!

It’s now the turn of pop-up street food vendors to get in on the act as Kong’s Chicken Shop have created their very own roast, and (in their own words) it’s quite possibly the ‘World’s First Fried Chicken Roast Dinner’.

To be fair – it’s probably not the world’s first but it doesn’t actually matter – what matters is that this beauty exists and you can pick it up at Northern Quarter boozer Northern Monk Refectory every Sunday.


Taking everything that’s made them so popular over the last few months and turning it into the nation’s favourite meal is genius, featuring Kong’s signature Fried Chicken Thigh topped with their Crispy Chicken Skin, sweet potato mash, crispy roast potatoes, vegetables and a massive Yorkshire pudding, all smothered with their homemade chicken gravy.

I bet you want this now don’t you? Yeah well, you and pretty much everyone else in Manchester. Best thing to do is to head on down to Northern Monk Refectory this Sunday and get your chops around it.


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