There's a CURRY Cocktail in Manchester and you just have to try it!

I didn't believe the barman at first either, but as I watched him pour, shake and drizzle - I was sold.

By Ben Brown | 8 February 2019

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Kate Tighe and I went on a little trip down to Albatross & Arnold last week to try their new menu of Small Plates. Now, we can’t recommend the food there highly enough, it was exciting, delicious and the new chef managed to create a set of dishes that thoroughly impressed the both of us.

We review the return of the small plates menu at Albatross & Arnold

We also decided to try their new menu of cocktails, and considering I’m Manchester’s Finest Booze Correspondent, I thought it apt to try as many as possible.

There’s an eclectic mix, but the stand out for me was their outstanding From Rusholme with Love (£8) creation, which simply put is a brilliant CURRY COCKTAIL.

Made with a mixture of Bacardi Fuego spiced rum, coconut milk and egg whites, the drink contains a super, secret homemade curry syrup which manages to elevate it into a whole new world of taste sensation.

The brainchild of Lucas Roskell, From Rusholme with Love forms a small part of Albatross & Arnold’s extensive menu, which also includes some very impressive ‘sustainable’ cocktails designed by Lucas too.

As he remarks: “With Rusholme on our doorstep I decided to shift our idea to have a ‘spicy’ drink into more of a ‘spiced’ drink focusing on the elements that go into a curry, as a sort of homage to the area.

“Perfecting the recipe wasnt easy, as you can imagine, but once we achieved the base – our homemade curry syrup – the rest fell into place.”

The syrup itself is made up of fresh coriander, fresh cardamom pods, salt, pepper and curry powder – all getting cooked for 3 hours before being allowed to cool, strain and then bottled. This is then the perfect addition to the spicy rum and the creaminess that you get from the coconut milk and a whole egg!

Imagine a rather creamy, mild curry like a Korma, but give it a bit of sweet-sweet and a considerable boozy kick and you’re still nowhere near understanding just what this cocktail tastes like.

I simply can’t describe it – I’m nowhere near as good a writer. I doubt even Charles Dickens could describe it.

The only solution is to head on down to Spinningfields and try it out for yourself. You won’t regret it.


From Rusholme with Love @ Albatross & Arnold & The Range


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