This Manchester Chef is creating these HUGE Sharing Platters...

...and they look gorgeous!

By Manchester's Finest | 30 June 2020

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Chef and Registered Dietitian Elle Slater has taken her passion for food and started creating seasonally-inspired grazing boards using the best and freshest, locally sourced, award-winning produce. And they look amazing!

The boards are “seasonally inspired” which means that what you get on them changes regularly, and primarily revolves around what Elle thinks is best – “like a Chef’s Tasting Menu“.

They’re designed to encourage “customers to eat with their eyes first, to try new and different foods, to inspire conversation and to create a memorable grazing experience.”

Elle’s Dietitian experience has also put her in good stead for creating bespoke boards that adhere to any or all dietary requirements or food allergies, “while still maintaining quality and choices” of course!

As mentioned, the menu is always changing so it’s a good idea to check out Elle’s social channels for the latest offerings. Here’s what she has available at the moment:

Best of the North West Graze
Ultraluxe board for grazing connoisseurs combines at least 10 selections each of award-winning cheese and premium charcuterie, fresh cut honeycomb, locally baked breads & seasonal fruits.

Seasonal Classic Graze
This board is all about the food – combining classic cheese and charcuterie along with feature choices from the Luxe Graze.

Limited Edition Themed Grazes
Specially created boards for certain days or events(eg. Father’s Day, World Gin Day, International Chocolate Day)

The boards range from £14 – 24 per person depending on optional extras such as individual gourmet desserts, custom message cookies, alcohol miniatures and special themes.

hey’re also available to serve from 1 person up to 20 people, and they can be styled on the one board or multiple boards for social distancing reasons if needs be.

Produce is currently sourced from a range of local suppliers, including specialty cheese from the Cheshire Cheese Company (Macclesfield) and Butlers Farmhouse Cheese (Lancashire) and charcuterie from Cobble Lane Cured, Wild Game Meats, amongst other local delis and greengrocers.

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