This Year's Ultimate Spanish Valentine's Date Night Menu (with added FIZZ!)

Treat your other half to cheese, meat, tapas, dessert and a bottle of Cava this Valentines...

By Manchester's Finest | 9 February 2021

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Fresh Mussels in a lemon and white wine sauce

I should really get a move on with Valentine’s Day. It’s NEXT Sunday and I’ve not even thought about it, let alone starting buying anything.

It’s actually really hard though – what with us being on lockdown and all. Any present I buy will have to be ordered online and then I’ll have to set up some elaborate secret system with the postman to ensure that she doesn’t see it when it arrives.

OR I could just spend some money on some fabulous food and booze and get full and hammered with her?

‘Tabla Mixta

Definitely the second one. And I’m actually in luck because there’s a wealth of restaurants in the city offering up special Valentine’s dinners to pick up or get delivered – meaning this year doesn’t need to be that different for us after all.

From this Sunday 7th February, independent Spanish restaurant La Bandera will be launching their Valentines Menu, a 3 course tapas extravaganza which comes with a full bottle of Cava too – ensuring you’re both a little bit tipsy and (likely) in the mood for a bit of loving.

Slow Cooked Oxtail in a Spanish sherry sauce

Fresh Salmon Fillet

The special menu is £60 and feeds two. For that you’ll get La Bandera’s excellent ‘Tabla Mixta‘ a selection of the best Spanish cured meats and cheeses, and then a selection of 5 tapas.

There’s Fresh Mussels in a lemon and white wine sauce, Slow Cooked Oxtail in a Spanish sherry sauce, Fresh Salmon Fillet, Andalusian Gazpacho and Grilled Oyster Mushrooms.

Grilled Oyster Mushrooms

70% Dark Chocolate Mousse


To finish there’s their homemade 70% Dark Chocolate Mousse – which you can spoon into each other’s mouths while staring longingly into each other’s eyes.

As mentioned, you’ll also get a bottle of Cava too – which I’m sure you’ll agree is the only real choice on Valentines. Head on over to their website to get ordering…

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