Tokyo Ramen collaborate with Crazy Pedro's for 'SEND NOODZ'

Two of the city's best late-night eateries have created a VERY special pizza!

By Ben Brown | October 11th '19

Share this story You know the deal now. Every month the team over at Crazy Pedro's come up with an off-the-wall special and we make a video for it where I invariably end up looking like a right tool. Well, October is not different, well - actually it's A LOT different. That's because the Crazy Pedro's lot have roped in the team from Tokyo Ramen on Church Street to come up with a special collaboration special pizza and my word - it's a beauty! Send Noodz is available every single day throughout October, both in full or slice format and it comes topped with...

- Tan Tan Sauce - Salted Fried Chicken - Spring Onions - Sweetcorn Mayo - Red Dragon Sauce - Crispy Ramen Noodles

It's probably the BEST special that they've ever done - go and try it. Right now. Crazy Pedro’s, 55-57 Bridge St, Manchester M3 3BQ Short St, Manchester M1 1JG