Tom Kerridge Launches a £15 Two-Course Menu in Response to the Cost of Living Crisis

The celebrity chef owns the Bull & Bear restaurant that sits inside the Stock Exchange Hotel.

By Emma Davidson | Last updated 13 September 2022

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As the rising cost of living continues to impact homes and businesses across the UK, TV chef, Tom Kerridge has announced that from today, diners can enjoy an affordable two-course £15 menu at all of his UK restaurants, one of which being Manchester’s Bull & Bear

Dishes will, as always, champion classic, hearty pub grub, with cottage pie, lasagna, sausage and mash all making the menu, alongside traditional desserts including; spotted dick, jam roly poly and crumble and custard. A third course can also be added for an extra £7.50.

Tom’s main aim with the launch of the £15 offer is to get the excitement and buzz back into restaurants at what feels like a trying time for most, without the fear of spending too much money. He has admittedly said that the new offer will make him “no money at all”, with his focus much more on the customer experience during the difficult economic times. 

Speaking to Big Hospitality, Tom said: “Back in 2008, when the country hit a recession and people were very worried about the money in their pockets, I was deep in the kitchen trying to work out how to strengthen and lay the foundations for a young business.

“Beth (Tom’s wife) and I came up with what sounded like a ludicrous idea but could be fun…’why don’t we do a set lunch menu that’s price feels like it is too good to be true.’ So, we launched a one choice lunch menu that made absolutely no money but filled the pub with noise, excitement and laughter. It was incredibly motivating for staff and the team and it felt like the guests were having such a great time as it was such value for money.

“Now, in 2022, it feels like those times are here again. You can’t turn on the TV, look at social media or read a newspaper without the grim news of the cost-of-living crisis. So, it is time to bring back the ‘too good to be true’ offer.”

Guests can dine the offer from today at the chef’s famous Bull & Bear eatery inside the Stock Exchange Hotel. The opulent ground floor space is also Tom’s most northerly opening to date, complete with new talent, a huge customer focus and comforting plates, prepared and served by staff who have a familial relationship with one another, and the boss.