The Traditional Japanese Lunch with a Mancunian twist at Cottonopolis

Throw away that prawn butty because the newest Japanese Bento Boxes at Cottonopolis really are the perfect lunch-time treat.

By Ben Brown | 26 February 2019

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Everyone knows that the Japanese love their food, and in particular they love their food to be fresh, tasty and for some reason that still escapes me – tidy.

Unlike our huge plates piled high with meat and gravy and mash and whatever else will keep us warm in the winter, Japanese food is often very organised, balanced and very pretty.

Bento Boxes take this idea and run with it, often making full use of every single inch of the box and creating a complete lunchtime meal with a variety of tastes, textures and food groups. They’ve been massively popular in Japan for centuries and a world away from a Turtles lunchbox filled with some Billy Bear ham and a packet of Wotsits.

A few years back Cottonopolis took the traditional Bento Box concept and gave it a proper Mancunian twist, and now they’re BACK – offering these fantastic meals for just £9 at lunch time.

There are two options available each day – meat or veggie, with each one containing a selection of four of their most popular fresh daily dishes from their menu. This includes a chunky Bao Bun, sushi rolls, tempura and a few other little surprises along the way.

Our Meat Bento Box came loaded with a Kurobuta Pork Bao with pickled cucumber & peanut sauce, Free Range Chicken Karaage fillets, Vegetable Tempura with seaweed salt and Loch Duart Salmon Maki with tobico & avocado.

The Veggie Bento Box on the other hand, came with a Salt & Pepper Tofu Bao with pickled cucumber & tonkatsu sauce, Vegetable Tempura with seaweed salt, Asparagus Grilled Skewers and Avocado, Broccoli & Red Pepper Maki Rolls. The veggie version can also be made VEGAN if you like.

The Boxes are available Monday to Friday from 12pm – 4pm and are priced at £9 each. To be fair, those Bao buns were worth the price alone!


Bento Box Lunch Deal at Cottonopolis

Date: Monday – Friday
Time: 12pm – 4pm
Cost: £9


Cottonopolis, 16 Newton St, Manchester M1 2AE
0161 236 5144