Have you tried The Chippy Tea Pizza yet?

Paying homage to the greatest meal you can have on an evening, Crazy Pedro's have created The Chippy Tea Pizza!

By Ben Brown | 2 July 2019

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Everyone knows that heading down the chippy for your tea is probably the best thing in the world. Whether you’re a fan of the traditional fish & chips, a sucker for a battered sausage or just want to wolf down the biggest portion of chips and gravy imaginable – it truly is the King of Teas™.

Back home as a kid we were spoilt for choice when it came to chippies. We had 2 belters within a 3-minute walk of our house – and those Fridays when me mam couldn’t be arsed to cook so she’d send me down with a list while she buttered some Warburtons bread were brilliant.

Well, you can re-create all of these wonderful memories – both emotional and food-related at Crazy Pedro’s because they’ve managed to combine the brilliance of a visit to the chippy with the sheer artistry of pizza. I present to you… The Chippy Tea.

First of all, let’s talk about the base. Yes, it’s green. Yes, it’s MUSHY PEAS!

None of that rubbish tomato stuff around here – those red little losers have no place in an English chippy (not even in a sauce) so they’ve done away with them for good.

So you’ve got a mushy pea base – off to a winning start. They then add cheese, CHIPS, sausage and a final sprinkling of cheese before it’s shoved into a piping hot oven to melt and cook and get all sexy and that.

Once it’s done it’s pulled out and then the final ingredient is added – and ingredient that transcends cultures, race and even science… Chip Shop Curry. Fuck yeah!

Nobody really knows where Chip Shop Curry came from, or even what it actually tastes like – but they don’t care because it’s one of the greatest sludges ever to grace our good Earth. It tastes absolutely NOTHING like curry but nobody seems to fucking care – pair it with a cooked chip and you’re in heaven.

Chip Shop Curry liberally added and it’s done – The Chippy Tea pizza.

It’s a thing of beauty, it’s a thing of grace and it’s available everyday on the main menu down at Crazy Pedro’s. Get down and give it a try.


The Chippy Tea Pizza

Venue: Crazy Pedro’s
Cost: Full 16-inch pizza – £16, £10 during Happy Hour (Sunday to Friday, 5pm – 9pm)



Crazy Pedro’s,
55-57 Bridge St, Manchester M3 3BQ
Short St, Manchester M1 1JG