We Tried All the New Cocktails at The Liars Club...

...and yes, that ended as messily as you would imagine. Minimal burns this time though, so that is a plus.

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 23 October 2018

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Floridita Swizzle
In short, this one is a mojito for grown ups. But before you say it, I am fully aware that a traditional Mojito is also only for grown-ups, or at least young adults under the age of 18 as to conform with the 1975 Drinking Act, but this one is so much more. It takes Havana 3 Year Rum, Peach Liqueur and mixes it with Coconut Water (all adults love that right?) with Grapefruit & Mint Cordial. Yum!


Uncle Don’s #3
This beverage is a nod to one of the founding fathers of Tiki- Donn the Beachcomber- which combines some of his favourite flavours of grapefruit, absinthe and ginger with that famous Liars Club rum mix, citrus and a hint of mint. This cocktail is sharp, sweet and deceivingly deadly.


Pina Colada
Sometimes you cannot be a classic and a Pina Colada is about as classic as it bloody gets. Fun Fact – this cocktail is the national drink of Puerto Rico, and simply translates to ‘strained pineapple.’ The guys at Liars know the power of the phrase -‘ if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ so they have left this legendary drink well alone, blending Bacardi with coconut cream and pineapple.


This drink is the Pina Colada’s sexy Mexican cousin which swaps the traditional white rum for tequila. A delectable concoction of Jose Cuervo 1800 Coconut Tequila, Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, passion fruit, lemon and coconut. This drink is sweet, creamy and definitely lethal- you guys are going to love it.


Suffering Bastard
This design of this drink is the very definition of ‘drowning your sorrows.’ The Suffering Bastard was originally invented in Cairo during WW2 to help British soldiers forget the pains and troubles of the war. It is gin-based, which granted sounds a little bit backwards keeping in mind the ‘depressive’ qualities in gin, but who am I to judge? This drink has classic notes of citrus and ginger too which is just delicious.


The Saturn Cocktail
This is an all-time favourite among The Liars Club bartenders and for a bloody good reason. The Saturn Cocktail is gin-based (Beefeater to be exact) mixing it with lemon, orgeat and passionfruit. Smooth, fruity and everything you need to remind you of summer in the colder months.


The Bronson
The Bronson is the perfect drink for those of you out there who like a short, heavy hitting little drink with a lot to give. This cocktail certainly packs a punch with its blend of OFTD Plantation rum, citrus, spice and bitters. Put it this way- If Don Draper was at his peak in the 80’s and was seriously into the Tiki scene, this would be his drink of choice.


The Lost Lady
Now, it isn’t a secret that The Liars Club doesn’t do classics if they aren’t Tiki, but sometimes they will meet you in the middle. If all you want is a Cosmopolitan, you can try The Lost Lady – The Liars Club take on the ‘original pink drink’ with Havana 3 Year, Clement Creole Shrub, Cranberry, Homemade Grenadine, Angostura Orange Bitters and Orange.


Ray’s Amendment
This drink is certainly a special one. Ray’s Amendment is a take on a classic 1960’s Tiki cocktail called Ray’s Mistake. The recipe is a family recipe of Liars Club proprietor Lyndon Higginson which certainly packs a punch. Beefeater Gin, Havana 3 Year, Lime, Guava, coconut water, grapefruit-mint cordial and finally passion fruit syrup.


Captains Grog
Have you ever heard the term ‘feeling groggy?’ – well, that comes from this drink. Grog was basically a mixture of rum and water invented by the British navy which was used to keep the water fresh on long voyages, the only downside being everyone on the ship was perpetually pissed or hungover. This is the Liars Club take on this drink with Captain’s rum, grapefruit, lime and a little dash of spice.


Chasing Waterfalls
This drink is a re-vamp of a Liars Club classic. Chasing Waterfalls is long and refreshing which combines Finlandia Vodka, blood orange, citrus and passionfruit. A great choice for those of you who want to taste the alcohol in a drink as little as possible.


Honolulu Night
Looks can be deceiving, and this little guy possesses some serious hidden depths. Expect Finlandia Vodka, Luxardo Maraschino, Orgeat, Apple, Lemon, Rosemary Tincture and Blueberry Syrup.


The Zombie
Yep, this is the famous one with all the fire and shit. This is the best seller at Liars and you can see why as soon as you taste their secret rum blend. The Liars Club uses their Zombie Mix (6 rums and more), orange, guava, pineapple, apple, gosling’s 151 rum & cinnamon blaze.


Double Shot Coconut Latte
I love this drink for a couple of reasons. First I am a big fan of alcoholic caffeine for double the trouble and second I always love a piss-take on Starbucks. This cocktail is shamelessly good and uses a mix of Blackwells rum, crème de cacao, coconut milk and cream coffee. Delicious.


Mai Tai 
This drink is one of those things I see on a menu again and again without really knowing what it is. The traditional Mai Tai is a rum-based cocktail flavoured with Curaçao liqueur, orgeat syrup, and lime juice. The Lairs Club has done a little twist on theirs, however – with a blend of Appleton Estate Signature, Smith and Cross and Clement Agricole rums, shaken with almond, citrus, bitters and a splash of pineapple


No prescription necessary, but this bad boy will put you straight to sleep and make all the pain go away… until it intensifies in the morning of course.  Pussers Gunpowder proof & Pussers blue label rum, coconut cream, orange, and pineapple are the ingredients in this one. Drink at your own risk.


The other side of the zombie coin you will find the 1934 with more rum, less juice but a drink which still manages to be punchy as hell. Appleton Signature Blend, Pink grapefruit, falernum, clement creole shrub, Angostura Bitters, orange-ginger syrup, absinthe and Goslings Black Seal Rum is combined to create an all-around Finest favourite.

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