Bottle of Prosecco & Baked Camembert for £25 at Brasserie Abode

The humble Camembert’s story began in a small town in Normandy during the French Revolution of 1791.

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 27 March 2019

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Following advice from an inquisitive Non-Juring Priest, French farmer Marie Harel was enabled to create France’s most famous cheese, something she would later name after her beloved town; Camembert.

A town already renowned for its delicious, creamy cheeses, Harel’s recipe soared in popularity. Camembert’s unique taste spread across the globe in the 19th century following the development of railways and steamboats, however, the demand led to one single problem: how would they efficiently carry the cheese without damaging it?

In 1890, French Engineer, M. Ridel devised a practical and cost-effective wooden box that enabled the cheese to be carried for longer distances- a simple, iconic detail that still remains to this day.

Although other famous cheeses – such as Brie – were also founded in Normandy, Camembert’s world-wide popularity deeply changed the social organisation of this Northern district; milk manufacturing became their first agricultural production and wealthy farmers organised cooperative societies to collect milk from different farms.

It is believed that the taste and colour may have changed slightly during this time. In 1909, to prevent further disruption to the original recipe, Norman Notables created the “Syndicat des Fabricants du Véritable Camembert de Normandie”: a precise guide on how Norman Camembert should be made. With this, the legacy of the town’s most famous creation would remain intact.

Now, 228 years old, Camembert is still as prevalent as ever. This is why Brasserie Abode, in the year 2019 are celebrating this fine cheese with an irresistible Sharing Baked Camembert, served with toasted sourdough, red onion jam and a bottle of Prosecco.

This rich and indulgent platter can be yours for just £25 and is available until the 30th April.

So don’t miss out on your chance to enjoy a taste of Norman history – if it was good enough for French soldiers during WW1, its good enough for us.


Bottle of Prosecco & Baked Camembert to Share

Venue: Brasserie Abode
Date: Until 30th April
Cost: £25

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