Volta create 10 New Cocktails for Summer

The new menu has twists on all the classics, combining sweet and savoury flavours to create a new cocktail menu ready for summer...

By Alex Watson | August 27th '19

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Japanese Mojito  This drink is a Japanese twist on a Cuban classic, as the name suggests. It takes Roku gin and pairs it with a peppermint tea syrup to offset the tea-heavy botanicals in the gin. It also uses sake to give the drink a dry bite, whilst the shiso adds pepper and earthy notes to form a fragrant drink which is perfect for summertime drinking.    Dry Pear Mai Tai Combining Spanish flavours with a Tiki classic is the dry pear Mai Tai. White rum is combined with fino sherry which gives the drink a lovely almond finish. The Contratto bitter contrasts with the pear to enhance the flavour while offsetting the sweetness.    Douro Valley Sour A Portuguese twist on a Sour made using Cachasa, a distilled spirit produced directly from sugar cane that was planted in Brazil by Portugal in the 14th Century. The port bleeds gradually through the drink giving it a massive Jammy flavour.    Thai Margarita The classic drink, as you'd expect: short, strong with a salt edge. The Thai twist sees a shake-up of sweet, sour and spice flavourings all in one little powerful drink.   Pampellemousse Martini  This cocktail is a French twist on a New York classic, the Clover Club. The martini sees a mix of grapefruit and raspberry to balance the floral gin with a fruity twist.    Swedish Iced Tea As ever, this Iced Tea packs a punch but Volta’s is refreshing and savoury rather than sweet. There are loads of big, earthy flavours all complimented by a hibiscus soda made in house and an infused citrus vodka.    Volta Summer Spritz Made with a hot summer’s day in mind on Burton Road, this cocktail is simple, fizzy and a crowd pleasure to be enjoyed by everyone. With a raspberry and elderflower gin base this cocktail is summer in a glass - you’ll forget you’re in Didsbury.   Kiwi Slipper A kiwi flavoured twist on the classic cocktail Japanese Slipper. This cocktail is sweet packed full of juicy flavours from melon and kiwi carefully balanced with sour lemon and a punchy vodka.      Paddington Martini A very English martini with marmalade vodka and ginger served straight up. A few dashes of bitters tie the sweetness from the marmalade flavour with the fire of ginger.    Apricot and Bourbon Smash A sessionable light drink with julep, Limoncello and apricot flavours to smash summer flavours into a glass. It’s summery and refreshing and perfect for a hot summer’s day. ............................. Volta Summer Cocktail Menu Book Now ............................. Volta, 167 Burton Road, West Didsbury, Manchester, M20 2LN 0161 448 8887