We Review all the Chicken Wings at Bunny Jacksons

We tried ALL of Bunny Jackson's brilliant wings so next time you're there you can make a quicker decision and get them in your gob faster.

By Ben Brown | 8 January 2019

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Bunny’s Classic Wings – 10p

Bunny’s two 10p offerings are the most classic flavours of wing, sauces you’d find on every wing menu from Tennessee to Timbuktu. That’s not to say that they’re rubbish though – oh no – Bunny’s BBQ is surprisingly complex, and not just your usual splurge of BBQ goodness. There’s an ever so slight hint of cloves or star anise here, giving this BBQ sauce a subtle aniseed flavour, but with a characteristic sweetness and spice that hits your tongue right at the end.

Ben Brown Enjoyability Index: 4/5


A true classic – I’ve heard that Buffalo sauce originates from the town of Buffalo, right on the border of Canada and New York state, somewhere I visited once and a town that was both very quiet and very dull. Well, the sauce is nothing of the sort with that characteristic tangy twang to every biteful, which some would call sour but I’d call amazing. You can expect a fair whack of heat from these bad boys – it’s why they’re so perfect with some Blue Cheese Sauce for dipping.

Ben Brown Enjoyability Index: 4/5


Boozy Wings – 20p

Jack Daniels Smoked BBQ Wings
As your plate of Jack Daniels wings arrive to your table you’ll notice two things; 1) is that they come smothered with a lovely bit of Tommy K and American Mustard and 2) is that they don’t last very long. If I had to choose an absolute favourite wing at Bunny’s – this would be it. Packed full of flavour, these little beauties are like a hybrid of Coney Island hot dogs and Tennessee wings and are very, very moorish indeed.

Ben Brown Enjoyability Index: 5/5


Southern Comfort Deep South Cajun Hot Wings
Bunny’s have delved deep into their New Orleans roots here to bring you this Deep South Cajun wing that packs plenty of Southern Comfort boozy goodness and some serious heat. These wings are heavily spiced, featuring some characteristic hints of cumin, paprika and cayenne which are used in pretty much everything down in the Deep South. They’re a bit of an acquired taste but anyone who’s a fan of spice will be loving these little beauts.

Ben Brown Enjoyability Index: 3/5


Sailor Jerry’s Spicy Sesame Wings
Coming sprinkled with their characteristic sesame seeds, you know you’re in for a treat with these wings as soon as you take your fist bite and are hit with some lovely hints of orange in the spicy marinade. The Sailor Jerry’s adds some surprisingly complex spice notes, adding to the tangy-ness of the sweet sauce. The additional texture from the sesame seeds and the lingering spice really do set these wings apart from any of the others.

Ben Brown Enjoyability Index: 4/5


‘Hotter Than The Sun’ Wings – 50p

A word of warning – these fuckers are HOT. Certainly the hottest wings you can get your mucky little mitts on in the city, I do not recommend eating one of these if you value both your taste buds and your underpants. I ate ONE of these and was reduced to a crying mess, with a mouth that felt like I’d sucked off a dragon. Not for the faint hearted – these wings should come with some sort of Liability Waiver Form.

Ben Brown Enjoyability Index: 2/5 (if you can’t handle heat), 5/5 (if you’re hard)


Cauliflower Buffalo Wings – £4 per portion

I was VERY surprised with just how good these veggie variations on the humble chicken wing were – so much so in fact that I would probably order them every time I’m in Bunny’s now. I’m typically not a fan of anything with Cauliflower in it – I find the beige vegetable both flavourless and boring – but these beauties went against all of my preconceptions and prejudices. They’re hearty, juicy and substantial. The crispy crumb is perfectly spiced and each significant morsel is the perfect sponge for soaking up the hot sauce on the side. They’re brilliant – get them.

Ben Brown Enjoyability Index: 5/5