The Weekly Drool #011 – Bacon Naan at Dishoom

The way every day should start.

By Alex Watson | 25 October 2019

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When Dishoom first opened its doors in Manchester you instantly knew you were in for a treat from that day forward. And the city had it’s arms wide open ready to embrace the inclusive restaurant where you’ll find grannies sat next to hipsters and celebs sat next to students.

From its inception the brand has redefined what we think Indian food should look like. And there’s not a silver take away tub in sight.

The Bacon Naan made a name for itself as soon as even when the thought was a mere concept. Since then it’s snowballed and it’s probably up there with other infamous things like The Queen and Beyoncé.

And it does indeed deserve every accolade it’s been given.

Not only will you find plenty of crispy bacon inside the fluffy little parcels you will also find ample scoops of chilli jam and cream cheese in there – both working together to produce quite possibly the best bacon butty ‘sauce’ ever devised.

It is also an unwritten rule that you simply must enjoy any breakfast at Dishoom with a large cup of Chai tea. It’s sweet and delicious and the perfect accompaniment to the salty goodness that is a bacon naan.


Breakfast Menu at Dishoom

When: 8am – 11.45am (weekdays), 9am – 11.45am (weekends)




Dishoom Manchester, 32 Bridge Street, Manchester M3 3BT