The Weekly Drool #014 - Vietnamese Oysters at Hawksmoor

Not typically known for their seafood, I couldn't help but be impressed by these oysters while sat at Hawksmoor's lovely bar.

By Ben Brown | 12 November 2019

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If you speak to anyone in Manchester, London or Edinburgh (although they probably won’t talk back in London), they will tell you that Hawksmoor is a place you go for steaks.

Well, as a man who is a bit of a maverick, who was once called the ‘class clown’ three times in the same day – I don’t like to live life by the rules. I went to Hawksmoor and I ordered oysters.

What a revelation.

The Bar Menu offers the choice of Natural (3 for £8.50) or Vietnamese (3 for £9) – and as someone who always tends to get a little nervous about oysters, I naturally went for the Vietnamese option.

They arrived on their own little ice tray and looked delicious. Well, you can see what they looked like right here.

Each one came adorned with a Vietnamese cocktail of ginger, soy and chilli and finally topped with some crispy shallots for a bit of crunch (should you decide to bite into them).

I bashed through 4 within seconds – each one was wonderfully fresh and tasty – with a welcome kick from the seasoning. It added a whole new dimension to the usual oyster experience – a welcome twist to a classic.


Vietnamese Oysters @ Hawksmoor


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