The Weekly Drool #016 - "The Roast on Toast" at Northern Soul

Cheese. Meat. Bread. Gravy. Potatoes. Yorkshire Pudding. NOMs.

By Ben Brown | November 26th '19

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As if Northern Soul couldn't get any better, they recently opened up what could only be described as a 'proper' restaurant over on Tib Street - and we're loving it! Only around 100 steps away from their infamous 'shack' on Church Street, the new restaurant allows the team to offer much more to us cheese-hungry punters including beers, cocktails, breakfast and even large plates on their evening menu. Oh yeah - and toilets. Well, there's another unintended plus point to the move - this stunning Roast Dinner Grilled Cheese! Available every Sunday from 12pm til 6pm, their 'Roast on Toast' comes loaded with beef, cheese, horseradish sauce, roast potatoes, stuffing and a giant Yorkshire pudding, all finished with some gravy for the ultimate dipping experience. There's even a veggie version available too - so all you non-meat eaters can still fully enjoy yourselves. Get yourself down there this Sunday and enjoy this unrivalled grilled cheese experience. ........................ The Roast on Toast @ Northern Soul *Tib Street Date: Every Sunday Time: 12pm - 6pm Cost: £9.95 More Info ........................