The Weekly Drool #018 - Turkey Shawarma at BAB

BAB have transformed the humble kebab into a gourmet Christmas experience - and we love it!

By Ben Brown | 13 December 2019

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Ladies and Gentlemen. Cats and Dogs. Esteemed colleagues and loved ones. I present to you – the Christmas Turkey Shawarma Kebab.

In case you’ve never been before, BAB in the Northern Quarter serve up proper gourmet kebabs – with previous options on their menu ranging from Harissa Octopus, Full English Breakfast and even Swordfish – although if I’m being honest – you can still get the Swordfish one (and it’s great!)

Well, they’ve done themselves a solid this year with their Turkey Shawarma Kebab (£11.50) – which as you’ve probably already guessed (and been told) is decidedly Christmas themed.

So what’s on it? Well alongside the aforementioned turkey is pickled red cabbage, sprouts, pigs in blankets and an amazing cranberry chilli sauce that’s made in-house.

It’s basically a posh Christmas Dinner that’s neatly packaged up for you into a handy flame-grilled flatbread. Tasty and efficient – just how everyone should enjoy their food.

That’s it. You can go about your business again now.


Turkey Shawarma @ BAB

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