The Weekly Drool #021 - The Vegan Platter at FUKU

The Hatch favourite have released a vegan version of their Sharing Platter...

By Ben Brown | 17 January 2020

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…and it’s bloody brilliant.

Now, I’m not a vegan. It’s highly unlikely that I ever will be (cheese), unless of course the world goes to absolute buggery and I’m forced to just eat grass and seeds for the rest of my life – but that seems unlikely.

Not being vegan means that I find it quite hard to get excited by foods that don’t contain either meat or dairy, but let me tell you – when I knew I was going down to Hatch to get pictures of the FUKU Vegan Sharing Platter – a twinge of excitement crept through my usual stoic exterior.

Okay so what’s in it?

Right, everything is made in-house down at Hatch and there’s Korean Fried Cauliflower, Katsu Curry Breaded Mushrooms, fresh Veggie Spring Rolls, Salt & Pepper Crispy Tofu, fries, rice, two drinks and dips. At £30 it’s perfect for 2 very, very hungry people.

I must admit to finding the Spring Rolls an absolute pleasure, and the fries were wolfed down in record time. Highlight of the platter though had to go to the Korean Fried Cauliflower – a creation that manages to actually make the beige vegetable tasty (and sexy).

You can either head on down to Hatch on Oxford Road to get it or even give FUKU a shout on Deliveroo and not leave the comfort of your armchair. Personally, I enjoy a little trip down to Hatch so I can have a rummage in Suzy Loves Milo but you can (obviously) do whatever you want.


Vegan Sharing Platter @ FUKU

Venue: FUKU @ Hatch
Cost: £30

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