The Weekly Drool #001: Greek Fries at BAB

These fries truly are fit enough for the gods!

By Ben Brown | Last updated 14 August 2019

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Known throughout the land for their stunning gourmet kebabs, BAB are not short of a few good words being said about them. But it’s not just the kebabs where they’re smashing it – they’ve also nailed it with the sides too.

Now, I could go on and on about their homemade hot sauces but it’s their Greek Fries (£4.50) where I’m going to spend all my time today – primarily because they are quite possibly the best loaded fries in the whole city!

As you can see them in all their glory – they look pretty spectacular even before you get them in your gob.

Taking a huge portion of their fries, BAB then add tzatziki, chilli sauce and thoum (which is a Middle Eastern garlic dip) on top.

From here things just get better and better as the pile of fries is then buried beneath a mound of creamy, crumbly feta cheese and then topped off with shredded black olives.

These are fries good enough for even Zeus himself, so get yourself down to BAB as soon as possible to give them a go.


Greek Fries @ BAB

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