We've found the Happiest Hour in the city!

I've uncovered a glitch where you can get an hour of super-cheap chicken wings and super-cheap drinks every damn day.

By Ben Brown | 13 March 2020

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Using my powers of perception (and my extensive experience as a Mathematics teacher), I’ve discovered that there’s an hour every day where two fantastic deals overlap at Bunny Jackson’s – creating an hour that’s quite possibly the greatest this city has ever seen.

Unless you’ve been living under some sort of hard collection of Earth materials, compressed over millions of years, you’ll know a thing or two about Bunny Jacksons over on First Street.

You’ll know that it’s always pretty wild, right until 3am EVERY DAY, you’ll know they have the best Chicken Strippers ever and you’ll know that they have the biggest selection of BOURBON in the city.

You’ll also know that they have a pretty fantastic Happy Hour, where you can get a pint for £3, cocktails for £5 and bottles of wine for £12 and a bottle of Prosecco for £16. You’ll know that the Happy Hour runs from 9pm until 11pm EVERY DAY.

You’ll also know that they serve up some AMAZING chicken wings starting at just 10p until 10pm EVERY DAY too. Which got me thinking – there’s an overlap there. So I made this diagram…

As you can see – there’s a VERY Happy Hour at Bunny’s between 9pm and 10pm where you can live like a King (or Queen) for 60 minutes with mega cheap wings, super cheap drinks and if you go in on a Sunday or Monday, some live music from Bunny’s House Band.

Here’s how good it is. For 10 English Pounds you can get 2 pints of BJ’s House Pilsner, alongside 20 Buffalo Wings (or 40 Classic Plain Wings). How good is that!

So is this the Happiest Hour in Manchester? Yes, yes it is!


The Happiest Hour in Manchester

Venue: Bunny Jackson’s
Date: Every Day
Time: 9pm – 10pm
Cost: Cheap as Chips!


Bunny Jacksons, 1 Jack Rosenthal Street, Manchester M15 4RA