You Can Now Order Extra-Chunky Korean FATcarons to Your Door!

These monsters are loads better than what you're used to...

By Ben Brown | 27 June 2021

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You might not know this but if you ever find yourself in Korea (South obviously), you’ll notice that there’s a MACARON revolution happening over there.

The macaron frenzy began back in 2014 when three of France’s famous dessert brands moved into the country – with the famous Hugo & Victor patisserie really getting a foothold and expanding throughout the country’s cities.

What initially began as standard macarons have since become “ttung-carons” or “fatcarons” (ttung means fat in Korean) – a local adaptation that has exploded in Korea – largely driven by social media.

Essentially, the cream filling between the two cookies is MUCH more substantial in a Fatcaron – so much so that the taste of the cream overwhelms that of the cookies. In addition, it’s common to add fresh fruit, chocolate and crackers to the filling – with some mad bastards even going so far as to add garlic bread, cheese, truffles and pizza to them.

The best thing to know is that you can now get Fatcarons in Manchester – courtesy of the excellent Macaron Moments.

Based down in Rochdale, they’re now offering up luxury Italian macarons alongside the massive Korean fatcarons, which you can either collect or order through their Instagram or Etsy for delivery.

There’s a ton of flavours available, including chocolate, coffee, lemon, matcha and vanilla. There’s a couple of more unusual ones too, such as the birthday cake flavour, pistachio, salted caramel and the crack-like Biscoff. They’re all handmade and proper fit!

Head on over to their Instagram page to order yourself some of these Korean delicacies…

Macaron Moments