Zouk Plants Trees and Goes Carbon Free

Zouk Diners have the appetite to save the planet planting nearly 7000 trees in under 2 months and are helping to transform the future of the planet one curry at a time.

By Manchester's Finest | 17 April 2018

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Zouk has joined the Carbon Free Dining programme, managed by The United Nations Environment Partner, Green Earth Appeal.  Diners at the award-winning restaurant are being empowered to help the plantation of fruit trees in the developing world, offsetting the carbon created in the production of their meals.

It’s a win-win situation for diners. They get a delicious, guilt-free meal, safe in the knowledge that the carbon produced by any food they eat, or food waste at the restaurant, is offset by the innovative initiative. The small 99p donation is optional, but it produces huge benefits to the environment and to the local communities who gain a valuable source of income.

The initiative is helping to end the cycle of aid reliance in some of the developing world’s poorest communities.

More and more diners are ethically aware and socially conscious, and often choose restaurants for their sustainability, ethical stance, and commitment to causes. So, joining the certification programme to reduce their carbon footprint and aid the developing world is a natural choice for many owners.

Already working with world-famous chefs such as Marco Pierre White and James Martin, Carbon Free Dining-certified partners have offset the carbon footprint of more than 600,000 diners’ meals.

Alongside planting trees to offset emissions, Carbon Free Dining-certified restaurants also help provide communities with education in agroforestry and land management, tools, and infrastructure in a bid to end poverty.

In partnership with Green Earth Appeal, the Carbon Free Dining initiative aims to take entire communities which are reliant on aid to survive and provide them with sustainable, self-sufficient farming co-operatives in a time scale of between three and five years.

In addition, Zouk is going to be making small changes each month to small parts of a restaurant that has a big impact on the environment. This month they have made the switch from plastic straws to biodegradable ones and we cannot wait to see what the come up with next month.

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