A Midsummer Night's Dream at The Royal Exchange

- Royal Exchange Theatre

A Midsummer Night’s Dream at The Royal Exchange
Royal Exchange Theatre, St Ann's Square, Manchester, M2 7DH
Fri 6th Sep - Sat 12th Oct, 2024
2.30pm & 7.30pm

From £22

The Royal Exchange hosts a chaotic and euphoric adaptation of William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream this autumn. Expect a production with plenty of magic and mischief, coupled with sweaty dance-offs and drum and bass love anthems, celebrating the vibrant tapestry of Manchester’s contemporary rave scene.

Director Stef O’Driscoll said: “My relationship with Manchester has always been through its beautiful rave scene, mainly drum and bass and jungle music. I’ve had some of the best nights out here in Manchester, with the music of talented local artists serving as the soundtrack through messy heartaches, painful unrequited love to that new fizzy kind of love.

“Blending the worlds of Shakespeare and Manchester’s current rave scene, I wanted to celebrate that music in this production and highlight Manchester’s many gifted artists, rappers, and MCs alongside Shakespeare.”