£20 off The Perfect Match's May Tasting Menu

- The Perfect Match

£20 off The Perfect Match’s May Tasting Menu
The Perfect Match, 103 Cross St, Sale M33 7JN
Wed 29th - Thu 30th May, 2024


Sale’s generally delightful The Perfect Match has started a new series of tasting menu sessions, where their kitchen team get in amongst it. Quite literally.

As well as using the best seasonal produce they can find from the best producers in the area, head chef Jazz and her team are also getting their hands dirty, foraging around the nearby Mersey River Valley for everything from wild garlic to sweet cicely, giving these menus a vibrant and vital edge.

The tasting sessions happen on at the end of each month, the May instalments on 29 and 30, with co-owner and sommelier Andrea bringing his expertise to the wine selections that go with each dish, from a fresh Riesling to go with the Red Mullet, nettles and buttermilk (the byproduct of making their own butter) to a complex Clos Abella from Spain to go with the Iberian pork shoulder.

The Perfect Match

Jazz and the team present each dish and its provenance (yes, that sorbet is made with sorrel gathered from less than a mile away), giving these evenings an intimate and friendly feel.

“We work really hard on these,” says Jazz. “We go out as a team to the water parks, the Mersey and the brooks, there’s a wealth of produce to find. It’s really special.”

The sessions cost £120 including the wine selections, and Manchester’s Finest subscribers get £20 off.