4 Course Pumpkin Halloween Taster Evening at Asha's

After the success of the One Ingredient Taster evening we put on with Asha's a couple of months ago, they've taken on the concept again but this time with a Halloween twist. This time they've used Pumpkin throughout (obviously!).

By Steven Pankhurst | Last updated 26 October 2018

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Whether you’re carving away at one or scooping out the insides and making a tasty roasted snack, pumpkins are a highly versatile vegetable and therefore perfect for this unique taster evening on Halloween night.

Chef Ashwani has hubbled, bubbled, toiled and troubled to create a 4 course masterpiece where every dish incorporates pumpkin in some way.

Expect dishes like Kabocha and Colocasia Shammi which is a pumpkin kebab stuffed with mild cheddar, Cashew nut, chaat masala and green chilli, and the Red Curi Lababdar
which is a chicken curry made with pumpkin, Khoya, tomatoes, and home ground garam masala.

Alongside the food will be two specially created pumpkin and whisky cocktails made by Chivas Regal which we reckon will satisfy all your moonlit cravings on Wednesday 31st October.

The Beetlejuice infuses Chivas Regal with pumpkin, all spice and cinnamon sticks, mixed with homemade pumpkin syrup and martini red, dashes of angostura bitter, decorated with a mix of cinnamon powder and crushed candy pumpkin on top with a dry ice peel.

The Nightmare on Peter Street is an infusion of Chivas with pumpkin mixed with Cointreau and apple juice, decorated with dehydrated pumpkin slice.


Asha’s Halloween Pumpkin Taster Evening

4 courses
2 pumpkin whisky cocktails

Venue: Asha’s
Date: Wednesday 31st October

Time: 7pm
Cost: £30 per person (plus booking fee)

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Asha’s, 47 Peter St, Manchester M2 3NG
0161 832 5309