The Big Indie Wine Fest at MFDF

The 11th Big Indie Wine Fest is coming to Manchester Hall on Friday 5th, Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th October and the full line up of independent wine merchants has been announced.

By Steven Pankhurst | 19 September 2018

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The Big Indie Wine Fest was set up by the Manchester Food and Drink Festival to showcase the fabulous independent wine merchants who bring something special to the world of wine retail in the northwest.

The advent of cheap wine at supermarkets has made trading conditions difficult for real wine merchants, and the Big Indie Wine Fest celebrates the very special experience that independent wine retailers offer. From extraordinary wines (that you won’t find in your local Tesco) to the personal service and level of wine expertise they provide.

At the Big Indie Wine Fest attendees are given a tasting glass and are then free to explore the bounty of wonderful wines on show. The wine merchants themselves are on hand to offer expert advice and guidance and to sell guests a bottle or two to take home too should they wish!

There’s also masterclasses set to take place at each of the Big Indie Wine Fest sessions - a chance to delve into the detail of specific wines, regions and trends. These are included in the ticket price and can be booked on arrival on a first come, first served basis.

Refuelling will be provided by Mason’s Restaurant who will be serving up locally sourced deli platters to compliment.

Guest can expect a stunning breadth of wines from around the globe from the following Indie Wine Icons..

Kate Goodman
BBC star and owner of Reserve Wines in Didsbury, Altrincham Market and the Mackie Mayor, wine wonder woman, Kate Goodman will be hosting a masterclass on Saturday during the 2-5pm session at 3pm.

The Commanderie de Bordeaux in Manchester is a group of some 70+ wine lovers. It has been established for over 30 years. They have close links to Bordeaux winemakers. There are also similar Commanderies in Bristol, London & Edinburgh. Dinners and wine tasting events are regularly held in the region and trips to Bordeaux to visit wine makers are organised on a biennial basis.

Carringtons was established when two brothers began selling a selection of directly sourced wines from a range of small growers alongside the classic, established producers with an ambition to supply a diverse array of quality alcohols to the North West and beyond.

Inspiring Wines
Inspiring Wines – Gorgeous wines from around our planet. They are an independent online wine retailer with a passion for the pressed grape and a very simple aim, to offer great wine at a great price. Their wine list is handpicked, sensibly priced and consists of wines they absolutely love.

The Veeno Company
City Centre based wine bar and retailer, Veeno, source all their wines direct from Caruso & Minini in Siciliy, which is where their family vineyard is situated. Three generations of tradition help to produce grapes that are perfect to make their award-winning wines.

Iberica prides itself in sourcing wines from different regions with the aim or representing the rich diversity of Spanish Wines. As part of this effort, they bring you wines from small boutique wineries that are not available anywhere else in the UK. They will be showcasing a selection of these exclusive wines.

Alpine Wines
Alpine Wines are champions of mountain wines, terroir-driven wines, and heroic winemaking. Human powered, human scale, always distinctive, never interchangeable. Wines crafted by people, true to their landscape (that's the "terroir" part); wines made with pride and a lot of hard work (that's the "heroic" part); wines made in amazing regions at the heart of Europe: Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Beaujolais and more. Nearly all their wines are unique to them and sourced directly from amazing winemakers.

Ukiyo Republic
UKiYO Republic is UK based importer, distributor & promoter of Japanese Sake & Shochu! Founded in 2017 by Chef Franco Concli and Japanese Sake specialists Kasia Hitchcock, as a creative platform exploring elements of both Japanese and European cultures, through Japanese Sake, European food experiences and art.

Codorniu Raventos is one of the world's oldest family-owned businesses. Based in Barcelona, the Codorniu family started making wine in 1551 and in 1872 was one of the first to produce cava. Today the company has the largest vineyard holding in Spain and owns 9 wineries across Spain, Argentina and the US.

Off Piste Wines
Fizzy wine in a can? Lightly sparkling Pinot Grigio to be exact, but yes! Off Piste Wines are a company of wine lovers and they want to make it super easy for you to enjoy your favourite fizz on the go. Move over Prosecco, there’s a new kid in town. Everyone loves a bit of Pinot, that’s just a fact. That’s why Off Piste Wines are the Pinot experts. They took your favourite tipple, gave it some fizz and put it in a can. You’re welcome!

Cantine De Palma
Cantine De Palma serve traditional, family crafted Italian wine. Influenced by the ancient history that is deeply rooted in Campania, the region grows distinct and intriguing grapes, producing some of the highest quality wines in Italy.

3D Wines
3D Wines is a wine club with a difference! They specialise in ‘rent-a-row’ gifts where customers can rent a row of vines in some famous regions such as Champagne, Sancerre, Châteauneuf-du-Pape and more. They host exclusive 3D Wine events with their winemakers and will be launching a wine subscription service shortly. They will be showcasing some of our finest wines from our family-run vineyards, some of which have been blended exclusively by owner and wine expert, Andrew Bennett.

Big Indie Wine Fest
Friday 5th - Sunday 7th October
Friday 5th: 6pm – 9m
Saturday 6th: 2pm – 5pm
Saturday 6th: 6pm – 9pm
Sunday 7th: 2pm – 5pm

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