Eclectica Project

Over two days, the Eclectica team will present live music, DJs and guest speakers from across the UK and beyond.

By Lee Isherwood | 29 July 2014

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On SATURDAY 2 & SUNDAY 3 AUGUST 2014, KRAAK in the Northern Quarter will play host to a celebration of female strength in musicianship and live performance as the ECLECTICA PROJECT LAUNCH EVENT takes place.

Over two days, the Eclectica team will present live music, DJs and guest speakers from across the UK and beyond, to officially introduce the new ECLECTICA PROJECT designed to advocate equality for women and minorities in all industries.


Headliners include TAHITA BULMER of NYPC (SAT 2 AUG: Key Speaker / Headline DJ), NINA (SAT 2 AUG: Live Headliner), and JESCA HOOP (SUN 3 AUG: Live Headliner).

The ECLECTICA PROJECT is a new longterm non-profit project with an exciting goal: with a view to moving the project around cities and industries, activities will be held to showcase and provide a space for women to showcase their careers and talk openly about their industries, with the underlying goal of encouraging team-building and nurturing female leaders.



This August launch will focus on the music and live performance industries. As well as inviting bands, DJs and performers to take to the stage, the Eclectica team will also hold onstage interviews with female artists.

As a non-profit initiative, support for the launch has been opened out to the surrounding business community to get involved, making this a rare opportunity for artists and businesses from the Northern Quarter and Gay Village to work together to contribute to the success of this event. Thanks to the generosity of staff and acts of various nationalities and backgrounds who are working at no fee, funds will be applied to event expenses and any profits made will be put towards future ECLECTICA activities.

With the help of SHATTERJAPAN and STAGESURFING, the project has already become a collaborative and international venture.