Esmée Denters - b.tempt'd

Esmée Denters launches her b.tempt'd range at Selfridges Trafford Centre Manchester.

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 12 September 2011

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MF: After a string of personal YouTube postings, you attracted Justin Timberlake’s attention and following an arranged meeting at one of his concerts, he went onto sign you as the first artist to his record label, Tennman Records. Being only eighteen years old at the time, can you recall how that felt?

ED: It felt surreal at first. To know that he believed in me. I have grown so much since then. It really is a big honour to be the first artist on his label. I will forever be thankful and proud of that.

MF: You hail from the humble town of Oosterbeek, Netherlands, yet were thrown head first into the bright lights of America to watch your overnight success take flight. How did you respond to this sudden change in career and culture?

ED: It definitely felt like living in a dream. Sometimes I would just be afraid I’d wake up. I get to see and experience things that I have always wanted.

MF: YouTube has literally turned yours and many other overnight pop stars’ dreams into a reality. (Justin Bieber being the most well – known). Can you stress how important YouTube and the internet is for aspiring artists?

ED: It is an amazing platform to create your own fanbase. It gives every artist the power to share their talents to the world no matter where they are from. There really are no limits. Isn’t it amazing?! Because of the internet an artist can build a strong connection with their fans which is why I love it so much. With their love and support I feel like I can take on the world.

MF: So many future artists are encouraged to write their own material as appose to play covers, yet covers are what catapulted you from YouTube postings to collaborating with Justin Timberlake. Do you agree with this approach?

ED: Yes, the covers were what gave me my start. But it also gave me the opportunity to share my own original songs. Writing is my therapy and my goal is to touch people with my songs. It’s so cool to see people covering my songs on youtube now.

MF: Essentially, you sing and write pop songs, but have opened major tours for N-Dubz and NE-Yo and contributed vocals to MC Chipmunk’s track, Until You Were Gone. Has getting involved with Hip Hop and R&B always been a particular interest of yours?

ED: If you listen to my album Outta Here there are actually a lot of R&B influences. I have always loved Hip Hop and R&B. In fact when I was in my teens it was all I would listen to. So it seemed like a natural thing.

MF: You recently became the new face and spokesperson for Spring Summer 2011 lingerie line, b.tempt’d. Tell us why representing the brand is so important to you.

ED: I have always loved what the brand stands for. Their lingerie is beautifully designed and fits like a glove. I also like that they include a lot of good causes. For instance I got to be a part of their US campaign Fit for the Cure. They donated 2 dollars for everyone that got fitted at their events to Susan G Komen for the cure to fight against breast cancer.

MF: Where can we get hold of the collection?

ED: Manchester, Birmingham and London Selfridges,

MF: The Spring Summer 2011 collection blend this season’s bold colours with flirtatious and sassy materials. Which garment would you say best describes you and your music?

ED: I love the La Parisienne range. It’s playful and sexy but classic and sophisticated at the same time.

MF: Are there any plans for you to front the Autumn Winter 2011 campaign for b.tempt’d?

ED: I would be incredibly honoured to continue to be their spokesperson

MF: Lingerie is obviously a fancy of yours. Would designing your own lingerie collection be something to consider for the future?

ED: It’s definitely something I have thought about. But there are so many things I still want to do. Who knows what the future might bring.

MF: Aside from b.tempt’d, can you tell us what exciting projects you have coming up?

ED: I am currently writing and working on my second album. I am really thrilled about the direction it’s going in. Can’t give away too much but it’s definitely a new Esmeé people haven’t heard before!


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