Indy Man Beer Con 2013

Last week Matthew Tyas and I headed over to the INDY MAN BEER CON down at Victoria Baths.

By Lee Isherwood | 23 October 2013

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A week or so ago Matthew Tyas and I headed over to the INDY MAN BEER CON down at Victoria Baths, a great way to spend a Sunday.



I love Victoria Baths, when it opened in in 1906, Victoria Baths, on Hathersage Road, was described as “the most splendid municipal bathing institution in the country” and “a water palace of which every citizen of Manchester can be proud.” Victoria Baths served the people of central Manchester for 87 years and established themselves in the affections of all those who used the facilities. These days however the venue has taken on a whole new lease of life serving as a host to craft fairs and conventions.

IMBC is run by the team behind Common, Port Street Beer House, and The Beagle. It came about through being inspired by the UK’s craft beer movement and frustration that beer festivals in their current form weren’t really representative of this exciting and dynamic part of the industry.

On the Sunday we were spoilt for choice with a host of brewers such as Acorn, Beavertown, Camden Town, Dark Star, Marble, Summer Wine, The Kernel and more. Dark Star were one of this years sponsors taking over one of the pools with some fantastic offerings. Marble brought their favourites and Camden Town offered up Hells Lager & Camden Pal – both of which I’m a fan of.

We also had a great choice on the food front. I went for Dirty Dogs as after a couple of ales and the fact that the onions were soaked in Punk IPA it seemed like the right thing to. It was.

The stand out Ale for me in taste and value was actually the DarkStar American Pale Ale but all in all out of over 10 ales I can honestly say there wasn’t one that I’d pass on.
The atmosphere was great and there was a palatable mix of hipsters, tasters, wanna be connoisseurs and fully earnt ale bellies.

Bring on Indy Man ’14