You are ALL invited to Cane & Grain's Big 5th Birthday Bash!

The NQ’s beloved BBQ joint, Cane & Grain is celebrating its 5th birthday and they are throwing a bloody massive Bday party filled with rum, ribs, bourbon and beer! 

By Alex Watson | 28 June 2019

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I don’t know if it’s just me but every night out in the NQ ends with me eating ribs and dancing around the tables in Cane & Grain. 

It can’t be just me because Cane & Grain is officially HALF A DECADE OLD. And by my calculations, that’s 1 million pints of Big Wave quaffed and at least 10000 ribs scoffed by Team Finest alone. Probably anyway.

Anyway, they’re celebrating. And you KNOW it’s gonna be a big night. 

Meat lovers can rejoice – there will be succulent smoking BBQ plates flowing out of the kitchen ALL night, keeping you fuelled for plenty of two-stepping and your stomach lined for drinking.

Guzzle it down with a selection of signature sides including, sliders, fries, rib tibs, mouth-watering Goose Island beer battered onion rings and veggie bean burgers.

Camden Town Brewery and Goose Island will be taking over the taps bringing along some of their finest beers, including Halia, Gillian, ‘2018 Madame Rose’ and Gentleman’s Wit. Basically, there’s a drink to tickle everyone’s pickle.

There’s entertainment by authentic New Orleans R&B outfit, The Nightcreatures Duo, playing a spicy gumbo mix of swamp funk, voodoo blues and street beats.

The first-floor speakeasy bar, Science & Industry have even curated a special cocktail menu in association with Portobello Road Gin and Old Forester. The evening upstairs will be soundtracked with strictly all American bangers, courtesy of Portobello Road Gin founder Jake Burger, Tristan Stephenson from Blackrock in London & Cane & Grain’s very own director, Lyndon Higginson

Just one more flight of stairs up is home to the famous tiki hideaway, The Liars Lounge, serving up the finest tiki cocktails and basically a shit tonne of rum in every concoction you can imagine. I’m talking Zombie after Zombie after Zombie. Rum drinks are a collab with Appleton Estate Rum & Bacardi – delicious. 

To make sure you’re dancing all night, Skittles, Truthos Mufasa, Bricks & Metrodome from Manchester’s favourite party collective, Levelz will be looking after the music. 


So head down to Cane & Grain on Thursday 4th July 2019, from 6pm until (very) late (probably) for an evening absolutely drowning in rum, bourbon and beer and stuffed full with BBQ ribs.


Cane & Grain’s 5th Birthday

When: Thursday 4th July 2019
Time: from 6 pm
Where: you guessed it


Cane & Grain, 49 -51 Thomas St, Manchester M4 1NA