A LOAD of Clowns are looking to break a World Record in Manchester

They're looking to smash the record for the largest gathering of clowns in British history.

By Ben Brown | 20 September 2019

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If you find clowns scary or creepy or just downright terrifying, stay out of the city centre on Sunday 29th September because there’s set to be thousands of them walking around!

Send OUT The Clowns! is heading to Manchester and they’re looking to break the Guinness World Record for the largest gathering of clowns in British history – which currently stands at 850 (including 430 from North America). It was set in Bognor Regis in 1991 so it’s probably about time it was broken by now.

On the day the clowns will march down Deansgate from Manchester Cathedral to Castlefield – most likely spraying whoever they can with those flowers they have and probably squeaking all the way. They’ll start doing this at 12pm so if you don’t want to see them – avoid Deansgate at this time.

If you’re a clown yourself and want to get involved, I’m sure you can send them an email or toot a horn or something to get their attention and let them know you want to be included.

Everyone else – enjoy!


Send OUT the Clowns

Venue: Manchester Cathedral – Castlefield
Date: Sunday 29th September
Time: 12pm
Cost: FREE