MCR Talks - Real Stories: Framed for a Murder

Framed for a Murder tells the dark real life story of one very unlucky traveller - Thomas Kent who at the age of 26 set off for Indoniedia for a new life of working less and living more. It didn't go to plan.

By Steven Pankhurst | 4 June 2018

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Corruption in Asia is an epidemic at a huge scale. In the last 12 months, just under a third of people who have come into contact with a police officer have had to pay bribes. Money can buy you anything in Asia for the right price, a situation Thomas Kent unexpectedly found himself in.

Tom was starting a new chapter and a journey of a life time, seeking a new life and new experiences. Unfortunately for Tom, he found himself in the mist of a huge corruption scandal, being convicted for Murder, fraud and other offences he never committed. Tom tells the tale of a darker side to the beautiful travel destination that so many brits seek to explore.

Real Stories: Framed for a Murder
Monday 11th June, 19:00
£12 per person

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