Record Store Day: Eastern Bloc

Eastern Bloc Celebrate Record Store Day April 16th. I ranked last years event in my top 5 days of 2015 last year and this year looks just as exciting.


Defined on the official website as the day “ Record shops all across the UK come together to celebrate their unique culture”, Record Store Day has become a permanent feature in every Vinyl Junky’s calendar, so much so that last year I even think Google did one of those weird game things that they do with their logo, you know what I mean.

I expect celebrations will be going on at most if not all record stores in the City but the one who has made most effort of recent years is Eastern Bloc, who, fresh after a new refrurb, will be opening their doors and turntables for an In-store special in Stevenson’s Square.

Exclusive releases, rarities and more importantly, BOOZE, will all be on offer on the day, along with a selection of Manchester’s music snobs and special guests on the decks.

Previous events have seen a number of big name acts get involved as well, this year Roni Size and DJ Krust have already agreed to make an appearance ahead of their show at Band On The Wall later that night and who knows what other tricks the organisers have got up their sleeves.

Apart from all this going on, the main aim of the day is really about supporting your local independent record store so get down if you are in town. Opens from 9am and I don’t know what time it goes on till, probably about 10 or something, then we poppin bottles in the club, on fleek obvs.

More info, including updated line up can be found here



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