Director Greg Hersov has brought Jim Cartwright’s 1989 play ‘Two’ back to its blessed homeland.

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 2 February 2012

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Someone famously said, “every night somewhere in the world someone is buying a ticket for a Jim Cartwright play.” That is certainly true at the Royal Exchange Theatre this winter. Director Greg Hersov has brought Jim Cartwright’s 1989 play ‘Two’ back to its blessed homeland.This unique play has a cast made up off simply two actors who perform an impressive total of fourteen characters. Taking on these two challenging roles is Manchester actor, comedian and DJ, Justin Moorhouse and the brilliant actress Victoria Elliott.

The play is set ‘in the North’ and centers on a typical northern pub. The audience is introduced to the friendly Landlord and Landlady who appear haunted by a dark secret and throughout the play we meet the pub’s locals.

Cartwright’s play is a hilarious and poetic comment on the lives of local people. The characters are instantly relatable and are sincere and warm. The play is at times very dramatic and looks at real life and how love affects couples and the two people in that relationship. Moorhouse and Elliott are brilliant together and their comic timing is to perfection. Elliott’s ability to make each character individual and unique is superb and Moorhouse’s portrayal of the sleazy and flirty older guy, Moth, had the entire audience in hysterics.

Cartwright is not known for his elaborate sets instead he remains very minimal. However designer Amanda Stoodley’s vision of the bar being at the very heart of the play and the use of the elegant and impressive chandelier above the pub is stunning. The chandelier is made entirely from wine glasses and glass tumblers and has to be seen to be believed.The casting in ‘Two’ is brilliant and the whole production will have you captivated from start to finish. Both Moorhouse and Elliott’s improvisation skill and interaction with the crowd is hilarious. This play is a must see this season and people are guaranteed to be ‘coming in pairs’ so get your tickets quick.

17th January- 25th February 2012
The Royal Exchange Theatre