A Culinary Journey Through Spain: Andalucía

A 7-course dining experience that explores food from the joyful and charismatic south of Spain.

By Manchester's Finest | July 16th '19

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Continuing our Journey Through Spain series of tasting events with La Bandera, next stop on this culinary trip is the southern region of Andalucía. Sure, Andalucía might be lacking in the beautiful beaches and sunny weather, but what lacks in general ‘holiday’ appeal, it makes up for with one of the richest cultural heritages in the whole of Spain. The region is best known for its fiery heart – we’re talking tapas, beautiful horses and the wholehearted passion of flamenco dancing. Andalucía has ancient origins in the Islamic empire which you can see etched into the landscape everywhere you look from the Mezquita Mosque to the stunning Alhambra Palace. This has had an effect on the food culture too and it is not uncommon to see nods to Middle Eastern flavours in the cuisine like star anise and cumin. You might know the area for the world famous Bellota Jamon Serano and top quality olive oil is grown in the sprawling local olive groves that lay all over the region. Things are quite rustic here, so at this event, you can expect dishes like Salmorejo Con Jamon (tomato soup with ham), Octopus Salad and Rabo De Toro (slow cooked oxtail in red wine) on the menu. Diners will also taste the likes of Grilled Pork Skewers in a traditional Andalusian marinade, Tortilla De Camarones (baby shrimp omelette) and the creamy Arroz Con Leche for that sweet finish. From the picturesque mountains to the rolling countryside and cave-ridden rocky coast, Andalucía is one of the most unique parts of Spain and you are going to love every tickle on your taste-buds at our stunning tasting evening at La Bandera. ………………………….. Journey Through Spain: Andalucía 7 courses with optional wine pairing View the menu Venue: La Bandera Date: Thursday 25th July Time: 7pm Cost: £29 per person Buy Tickets ………………………….. La Bandera, 2 Ridgefield, Manchester, M2 6EQ 0161 833 9019