World Fusion Kebab Dinner: 5 Courses for £25

Whether it's a huge meat-filled Doner in Turkey, or a skewered seafood Yakitori in Japan, you'll find variations of the almighty kebab all around the world.

By Steven Pankhurst | Last updated 2 October 2019

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We’ve partnered up with BAB, Northern Quarter’s purveyor of the gourmet kebab, to put together a dining experience that fuses kebab concepts from a total of 10 different countries creating a fresh approach in each course.

Alongside each kebab we’ve also created a cocktail pairing that also fuses influences from the matching countries.

First Course: Spain & Italy | Chorizo Octopus
Barbecued octopus tentacle / smoked Lardo / chorizo oil / mojo

BAB’s Octopus Kebab has been one of their most popular dishes since opening, and so the team wanted to re-create it with an Italian twist. Alongside the BBQ’d octopus tentacle is Italian cured pork fat (or Lardo), a Tuscany delicacy that’s been made since the Roman times. The addition of a rich chorizo oil and Canarian mojo sauce makes this fusion of Spanish & Italian a true Mediterranean treat.

Paired with: Citrus and Mint White Wine Sangria
A drink that originated over 2,000 years ago as the Romans travelled through Spain planting vineyards to feed the cities of the Empire. It was common at the time to fortify the wine with alcohol (and citrus) to kill off any bacteria – creating Sangria as we know it.

Second Course: Japan & France | Yakitori Wagyu Tournedos
Wagyu skewer / grilled duck liver / truffle / yuzu ponzu

The Japanese Yakitori is probably the most well known Asian kebab where preparation involves skewering the meat and grilling over a charcoal fire. Here BAB will be using what’s considered to be the best meat you can get from Japan, Wagyu, and then putting it alongside truffle and grilled duck liver, which is where the French inspiration comes in. This is then topped with a yuzu ponzu.

Paired with: Sake Courgette Water & Lemon
Sake, a Japanese classic spirit will be served up with a staple of many French dishes – the courgette. A delicate cocktail with courgette water, lemon and sake – it’s a savoury yet refreshing concoction, designed to perfectly compliment the intense flavours of the Wagyu.

Third Course: Greece & Canada | Gyros Poutine
Potato terrine / gyros / goats curd / gravy

Combining two very popular and indulgent dishes, the next course takes in the Greek Gyros and the Canadian Poutine to create an amazing kebab out of two seemingly unmatchable elements. The famous Greek Gyros is a sandwich with lashings of pork, salad and tzatziki that you’ll see on menus and in the hands of drunken people all over the world. Here we’re stuffing the bread with Canadian Poutine – potato, goat’s cheese curds and loads of gravy.

Paired with: Maple and Ouzo Mojito
A drink featuring two of Greece and Canada’s most famous flavours – Ouzo and Maple Syrup. Canada is responsible for 85% of the world’s maple syrup, and so BAB have created a mojito using Ouzo to create a refreshing and sweet cocktail that works perfectly alongside the potato gyros.

Fourth Course: Germany & India | Berlin Doner
Doner meat / kohlrabi sauerkraut / currywurst / naan flatbread

The Currywurst came about in 1949 in Berlin as Herta Heuwer managed to obtain some ketchup and curry powder from British soldiers, mixed them together and poured the concoction over some grilled pork sausage. So there’s a clear link between Germany and India there, a link that BAB are strengthening with their Berlin Doner kebab. There’s Doner meat and Currywurst on a Naan bread, topped with a true staple of German cuisine – sauerkraut.

Paired with: Smoky Beer Whip Manhattan – Smoke IPA beer whip, bourbon, antica formula
An Indian Pale Ale concoction that adds bourbon and vermouth to create a smoky, refreshing and rather lethal cocktail. The Germans take their beers extremely seriously so they’ll be sure to love this!

Fifth Course: England & USA | S’mores Eton Mess
Digestive biscuit / chocolate ice cream / freeze dried raspberry / candied orange / campfire marshmallow

The classic ‘kebab dessert’ just has to be S’mores – a combination of biscuit, chocolate and marshmallow that is created on the end of a stick over a campfire. We’ve mixed this American classic dish with Eton Mess, which got it’s name because it was traditionally served at Eton College’s annual cricket game against the pupils of Harrow School. Alongside the S’mores are freeze-dried raspberries and meringue – creating a truly unique dessert to finish the whole event off.

Paired with: Candy Coffee Double Espresso
Paired with this collision of Britain & the US is a Candy Coffee Double Espresso, a cocktail that’ll act as the perfect pick-me-up at the end of any meal. All the way back in the 18th Century the Americans boycotted tea, and thus developed a taste for coffee instead. Now probably the most-drunk beverage in the country, BAB have created this Espresso Martini (with some added Vanilla cream).


World Fusion Kebab Dinner
5 courses with optional cocktail pairing

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Venue: BAB
Date: Thursday 7th November
Time: 8.30pm
Cost: £25 per person

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BAB, Little Lever St, Manchester M1 1HR
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