From MCR to... Unplugged Cabins Cheshire

Unplugged Cabins take us off-grid for what (ironically) is the perfect Instagram story.

By Lee Isherwood | 13 December 2022

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The idea of being ‘unplugged’ from technology, particularly our phones, might fill us with equal parts excitement and dread. This poses a simple question: could you go three days without checking Instagram? We spent a weekend at Unplugged Cabins Cheshire to find out if we could.

Home sweet home – our Unplugged Cabin with a countryside view

A three-day stay in a cabin in Cheshire awaited us. After packing for winter walks and shopping for can’t-go-wrong, cabin-friendly food (pasta), we headed out to the latest of the Unplugged Cabins. Set in the lovely Cheshire countryside we found ourselves a stone’s throw from Delamere Forest and Beeston Castle. 

Arrival was simple but with a nice sense of outdoor experience: park up, throw your bags in the off-road trolley, don the wellies provided and set off across the field where you’ll find home for the next three days. 

The interior of the cabins is minimalist and modern
Lock the phone away

A digital detox in the Cheshire countryside

The core idea of Unplugged is to have a ‘digital detox’, so the first thing to do – if you can face it – is lock the phone away. The second thing is light a fire (time of year depending, we came in December), get cosy and enjoy the view of Beeston Castle atop its hill in the distance. 

Decor is minimalist and modern, in keeping with the theme of decluttering your mind. There is a focus on sustainability, with the fridge, lights, fan and boiler all running on solar energy and you are encouraged to switch things off when not in use to conserve power. The wood burner will keep you warm if needed.

Fully unplugged and unable to waste time mindlessly scrolling, it’s an opportunity to enjoy some more wholesome, mindful activities.

Off grid here we come!

A chance to explore the local area

Come morning, you’ve a choice: stay in or explore. We opted for the latter, heading out to find Lost Barn Cafe, a roastery, cafe and shop in a beautifully converted modern barn space. I must also give a shout to Forest and Clay a pottery and workshop we discovered in the Lost Barn shop and immediately loved. 

Lost Barn Cafe

After a walk over Bickerton Hill and up to Raw Head, part of the Sandstone Circular, a leisurely walk rewarded us with stunning views over the sprawling Cheshire countryside, we retired to the cabin and played a highly competitive few games of dominoes. Sometimes, it’s the simple things.

We also snapped some quite successfully posed Instamax shots with the camera provided. It’s amazing how much you concentrate when you know you’ve only got 10 pics.

More local walking and dining spots near Unplugged Cabins Cheshire

On our last day, after coffee and breakfast while enjoying the crisp morning view, we took to a small section of the Sandstone Trail walking from the cabin and up to Delamere’s Urchin’s Kitchen. Using up the remainder of our Instamax snaps posing amongst the trees we felt suitably disconnected and wholesome. 

I love that area of Cheshire and for me, no trip would be complete without a stop off at Abbeywood House & Gardens. Sit in their conservatory for coffee and homemade cake or if you’re lucky enough to be there on a Sunday, get the roast. It’s one of the best around. 

Leaving our cabin, we loaded up the trolley and reconnected with the wider world. Walking to the car as our phones pinged and the notifications flooded in, we decided they couldn’t be that important.

They could wait until we got home.