These Holiday Destinations Will Pay Your Flights & Hotels After The Pandemic...

There are plenty of incentives from places around the world to encourage you to visit.

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 3 June 2020

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As I’m sure most people have too, I’ve been thinking about going on holiday recently. Even though the weather has been amazing, I’m starting to feel some serious cabin fever now, with the cabin being the whole of the bloody UK.

But as countries around the world relax their measures and start welcoming visitors, a few of them have launched incentives to try and get you to go and visit them in 2020.

There’s free hotels, half-price flights and plenty more – and you should probably expect more destinations to jump on the bandwagon over the next few months too…


The gorgeous Mediterranean island is offering visitors some seriously attractive incentives if you book a holiday there in 2020.

They’re saying that they’ll cover half the cost of flights and a third of hotel expenses for travellers wishing to visit in Autumn, as well as free tickets to many of its museums and archaeological sites.

Basically all you need to do is head on over to the Visit Sicily website and get a ‘voucher’ once the country re-opens its borders. A word of warning though – the Visit Sicily website is pretty bad – you might need to download a version of Netscape Navigator to get it to work.

Visit Sicily


Just last week the Japanese government gave the green light to a £10.3 billion investment scheme for their tourism, with one major part being that they’ll cover half of a visitor’s travel expenses.

The plan has yet to be finalised but it should hopefully give the country’s tourism industry a kick up the arse – and help mitigate any of the economic fallout they’ve already experienced.

Will it happen though?! I’m sceptical – especially for us Brits. With our infection and death rates the second highest in the world, I think it’s going to be a long time until many countries will let us in.

And pay half of our expenses? For such a long journey? Let’s see…

Visit Japan

Cancun & The Yucatan

More than 200 businesses in the Yucatan Peninsular in Mexico have joined forces to offer a range of incentives for travellers wishing to visit in 2020.

Launching on 15th June, there’ll be ‘prizes’ on offer that include 2 free nights for every 2 nights booked, or a free stay for 2 children when 2 adults book.

There will also be golf, theme park and hire car giveaways also – designed to get the area back on its feet after the pandemic.

Personally I’d make my way to Playa Del Carmen or Tulum just south of Cancun – that’s where the serious fun is.

Visit Cancun


Always keen to welcome us Brits to their gorgeous beach destinations, Bulgaria are set to offer up some rather sweet little incentives to make things a bit cheaper for visitors this Summer.

Tourism hot spots will be offering a range of freebies including sun loungers, sun beds and tables for visitors when they re-open, which might not sound like a lot but those costs really do start to add up.

It’s cheap as chips in Bulgaria too so you can have an amazing holiday in the sun for sometimes a third of the cost of some of he more well-known destinations.

Visit Bulgaria