Weekend Walks: The Ingleton Waterfalls

Magnificent views, impressive woodland and of course - plenty of water...

By Ben Brown | Last updated 27 July 2022

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Starting off in the small village of Ingleton right on the cusp of the Yorkshire Dales, this 4.3 mile (7km) circular route takes in everything from ancient rock formations, unique geological features and plant life that prompted Natural England to declare the Ingleton Dens a ‘Site of Special Scientific Interest’.

Getting to Ingleton itself is easy peasy if you’ve got yourself a car, but if you’re taking the train you’ll either have to head to Bentham or Ribblehead and then make your way to the town yourself.

The walk from Ribblehead is actually a cracker too – a 10 mile trek through the wild Dales, which joins up with the Ingleton Waterfalls Trail at Twisleton Lane – an old Roman Road with spectacular views of the surrounding area and the famous Dales ‘Three Peaks’.

Anyway, from Ingleton there’s ample (free) parking for visitors, and you’ll need to buy yourself a ticket for the trail first. It’s £8 for an adult and £4 for children – with the money going to the upkeep and preservation of the wildlife and area as a whole.

The circular trail takes on average around 2.5 hours to complete and is an absolute stunner. You’ll first head up to Swilla Glen, a deep glen cut into carboniferous limestone, all set within a woodland of oak, birch and hazel.

Crossing Manor Bridge from here, the trail leads you towards the amazing Pecca Falls – but be sure to lob a coin into ‘The Money Tree’ on the way and get some good luck thrown your way.

Pecca Falls features five main waterfalls, dropping 30 metres over sandstone and slate. The River Twiss tumbles over the sandstone steps into the plunge pools which are reputed to be just as deep as the falls themselves. Don’t try jumping in to find out – you’d definitely die.

Further up the trail is Thornton Force, probably the most famous and spectacular waterfalls here, with a huge 14 metre plunge. There’s a viewing area which is perfect for a rest and a few butties before continuing the circular.

Further along the trail you’ll see Beezley Falls and it’s three parallel waterfalls, and then Baxengyhll Gorge, a dramatic plunge into the river far below.

Finally the trail takes you back into Ingleton Village and the ample boozers there for a well-deserved frosty pint and some grub.


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Spectacular imagery courtesy of Jake Hardy. Follow him here