City Car Club Gets You Home for Christmas

Being the open-minded, diverse and culturally rich hub of the north, Manchester seems to have taken to car sharing like water off a ducks back. Like most city dwellers, owning a car isn’t a priority or a necessity; Manchester has great public transport and city centre parking can be so expensive. That’s not to say you won’t need a car from time to time, which is where City Car Club comes in.


Accessing the cars couldn’t be simpler (or more awesome); thanks to the pioneering efforts of the City Car Club brainiacs – you can unlock the vehicles by simply swiping your membership card on the windscreen, or if you really want to impress passers-by you can unlock their cars handsfree using their new iOS app.


As offices begin to buzz with the talk of secret santas, it would seem Christmas is barrelling towards us with the speed of a reindeer hopped up on Pumpkin lattes. Which brings us perfectly to our 5 reasons you didn’t realise you needed a City Car Club vehicle this Christmas:

1. Driving home for Christmas. There is nothing better than driving back home for Christmas, the car heater on full blast, Chris Rea’s “Driving home for Christmas” playing on a loop and the promise of a mince pie and a cup of tea waiting for you at the end of your journey.

2. A real Christmas tree. Let’s face it a real tree is always better, they are just logistically difficult to appropriate but with access to a city car club van you will have your tree up and looking sparkly in no time.

3. Presents. Being generous requires a lot of heavy lifting, let City Car Club help lighten the load with a roomy Auris Estate vehicle.

4. Making everyone happy. Get around to see everyone over the Christmas period with a built in ‘escape early’ excuse that you’re booking is nearly at an end, should Uncle Bob get his dancing shoes on a little early.

5. They’re giving you £20 free drive time. Well that’s the Christmas spirit! Sign up online with the code MFC030 and it will be credited automatically to your account. That’s 4 hours in one of their Aygos!


Visit us at to see our Manchester locations.



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