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With its history as a world centre for the textiles industry Manchester has plenty to offer.

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 27 April 2017

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With its history as a world centre for the textiles industry, Manchester has plenty to offer it’s vintage hungry fashionistas and vibrant alternative culture. It is possible to buy a trendy outfit on a budget without a visit to any high street stores, which is good news for those who like their style to be unique.

So when did you last visit a vintage shop? When you think of shopping second-hand do you imagine yourself trawling through moth-eaten rails of clothes? If so, you are missing out on a cost effective way to buy stylish clothing and accessories.

Vintage shops are the perfect place to buy some guilt free fashion and have the money left over to go out and show off your new outfit, and needless to say the items are recycled and sweat shop free!

By now I hope you’re convinced, follow my vintage shopping tips and you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for in the Northern Quarter. Remember, you can customise items that you find, particularly look out for jeans, a pair of jeans can be cut off to become shorts or hot pants, transformed into a skirt or even just rolled up for a ‘boyfriend’ look. By visiting shops in Manchester City Centre, you’ll come across so many different styles one is bound to suit you and though looking through other people’s old belongings can be daunting, stay positive, don’t be disheartened by every outdated, mixed linen number you come across. You WILL find that perfect outfit that you’re looking for.

Some of our favourites:

Blue Rinse Vintage
Ryan Vintage

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