Where’s Hulme now?

Don’t worry - it’s exactly where it’s always been – now it’s just in a much better place.

By Steven Pankhurst | 28 July 2017

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Don’t worry – it’s exactly where it’s always been – now it’s just in a much better place.

Gone are the really ugly concrete blocks from years ago. If you drive through now, you’ll see a dramatic change, and, let’s be honest, it’s one that’s definitely for the better.

Low-rise apartment buildings, townhouses, open spaces and lots of trees – Hulme is definitely somewhere to be nowadays.

It’s safe to say that the £400 million or so that has been invested in the area since 1990 is definitely paying off.

Not only has the new housing improved the lives of the people who live there, but Hulme itself now has a definite sense of community about it – somewhere to be proud of.

Take Hulme Park as a brilliant example.

With its children’s play area, games area, football pitch, BMX and skate park, wide, open spaces, picnic benches, bandstand and a calendar of events that means there’s something going on almost all year round, it not only breathes life into the area, but helps draw people together.

And if you want to see how green Hulme is becoming, you only have to go to the Hulme Community Garden Centre – it’s really more like a social centre.

Founded by three local volunteers, it gives residents somewhere to unwind and, literally, find time to smell the flowers – relaxation that can be taken home by borrowing a book from the informal lending library that is the Book Shed. And all the money made through sales goes back into local projects.


Somewhere to eat out? With its incredible variety of places to eat, drink and mix, Hulme’s the place.From the vegan menu of The Teatime Collective (it’s not hard to find – it’s in an old shipping container) to Buzzrocks, Ian Brown’s favourite Caribbean takeaway, through to the eclectic style of the Kim by the Sea café, there’s somewhere for all tastes.

And being in Hulme, you’re just a few minutes’ walk away from Manchester city centre!

Being close to but far enough out of the hustle and bustle of the heart of the city is just one of the aspects of Hulme that makes it highly attractive to young professionals.

But the latest development in the new Hulme offers something very new.

It’s a £23 million investment called ‘Hulme Living’ by One Manchester, a local housing provider.

It’s 174 properties – 2 bedroom apartments and 3 bedroom townhouses – that give you the chance to enjoy family life in Hulme.

The availability to rent somewhere on the Baker Street and The Aaben sites makes the chance to combine urban living with family life not only more attractive, but also a very real possibility – not something you’d usually think of with an urban regeneration scheme.

The Aaben and Baker Street properties have been built to high standards of insulation and sustainability to reduce running coats, and are all available for market rent.

To find out more about Hulme, and the The Aaben development, visit