Tall Trees

New mini-album, 'Scream Danger', set for release on the 13th July 2011.

By Lee Isherwood | 8 June 2011

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New mini-album, ‘Scream Danger’, set for release on the 13th July 2011.

Manchester’s finest, Tall Trees, are set to release their forthcoming
mini-album, ‘Scream Danger’, on the 13th July 2011. The band continues to go
from strength to strength as they establish themselves as one of the most
hard-working acts in the UK.

‘Scream Danger’ is recorded by producer Lee McCarthy (Atlantic Records) and
mastered by the reputable Streaky (Kasabian/The White Stripes/Alexisonfire).
As the mini-album is self-produced, Gary states that “everything about this
CD is us. No-one has persuaded us to change our style or sound on this one,
as in the past with previous producers/labels”.

Their latest musical installment contains a mixture of melodic breakdowns,
raw vocals and powerful hooks which elegantly match the darker catchy
lyrics. The band has unveiled ‘Terrible Things’ as the lead track as Gary
explains that “Terrible Things has always been one of the crowd favourites
at our live shows”.