The Best Music Videos coming out of Manchester: July 2018

Nobody reads anymore, in fact I could write anything I wanted right now and you wouldn’t even notice, you stink, see.

By Manchester's Finest | 6 August 2018

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With that in mind I thought it would be an appropriate time to start keeping you up to date with the latest selection of music videos Manchester’s scene has to offer, less writing, more videos, sounds like fun to me.

First batch of tunes, in no particular order, is below, all summer soulful (ish) vibes, giving good examples of the styles coming out of the city at the moment.

Summer Breeze
Artists: Slay x Stef Smith x Rolla x Rem Luca x Chimpo
Label: Box N Lock

A summer banger about being in the ends, filmed in the end with a catchy hook and an Isley Brothers sample, sounds like its missing something? Ice pops, definitely needs ice pops, don’t worry there’s loads in the video.

All On You
Artists: Children of Zeus ft. DRS & [ K S R ]

One of the first videos to come off the the newly released album Travel Light, which has no doubt been top of your Spotify playlist since it came out a short time ago. The video features some seriously fresh clothing and makes a trip to the barbers look far more exciting and less awkward than my recent stylistic ventures.

Artist: LayFullStop

Someone I don’t really know an awful lot about, yet. Interesting to have people putting stuff out with such strong messages behind it. You should check more of her music, that’s what I’m about to do.

Reach For The Sky
Artist: Levelz

Levelz’s new joint has so many people involved with it, it’s difficult who to credit the creation of the video to, lets just put it down as “The Manchester-India-Wales Connect”. Big bars from Fox, Skittles, Chunky, T-Man, Truthos Mufasa and slick production from by Metrodome, Bricks and Skittles make this laid back track perfect for lazy summer afternoons.

Clap Click
Artist: Voodoo Black

Loads of muppets in this one, literally. A fun sounding track which still shows of the technical abilities of the Voodoo Black outfit. The more I listen, the more likely a trip to a chiropractor is.