Gin-erous Helpings of Fun; Whim Wham Club

Whitworth Street West has gone from strength to strength with independents popping up all over.

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 26 September 2013

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Well, aren’t we the lucky ones living in Manchester.

Juniper Crush

Whitworth Street West has gone from strength to strength with independents popping up all over that short stretch of road that connects Oxford Road and Deansgate Locks, and one of its finest, The Whim Wham Café, has seen the glory of its successful club nights return in the past few months… and how.


This ain’t no Bramble. This is a Whamble.

What you need to know first of all, however, is that this is no ordinary club night. Whim Wham couldn’t be more different in tone and in appearance than the aforementioned Locks, or in fact the rest of Oxford Road. It stands apart in its offering of something you simply can’t get elsewhere – somewhere to listen to great music from eras bygone, relax in the sophisticated gin saloon surroundings, talk to friends, be charmed by its host and appreciate darn fine cocktails ‘like they used to make’.

The Whim Wham Club usually takes place on the first Friday of each month, and July’s timing couldn’t have been more perfect with the celebrations falling around Independence Day. We at Finest love a good pun, and when the Whim Wham team double-punned us with the fantastically titled ‘Gindependance Day’ event, with promises of bespoke gin cocktails and great music for dancing, we felt like we’d been pun-ched in the face. In a good way.


Gindependance Day featured live piano music, burlesque from Lola Pops, songstress Emma Divine and fantastic musical selections throughout the night. August’s 1920s Ragtime Revival kept up the momentum with the naughty Juniper Crush pictured above (such a hottie that Whim Wham named a drink after her), Dr Butler’s Hatstand Medical Band and plentiful toe-tapping tunes.


Gindependently delicious.

Each night features bespoke gin cocktails that are a treat for any fan of the spirit, featuring all the lovely flavours that complement gin so perfectly – the likes of cucumber, elderflower, saffron and even chilli. They range from a fiver to around £8.50 and considering you get a freebie when you arrive, it can make for a great value night.

At a mere £6 on the door and with entertainment galore, the Whim Wham Club is just the ticket for anyone looking to treat themselves to an alternative Friday night. Good show, Alix Walker and friends.