La Discothèque Toilet Rave (La Pisscothèque) with Danielle Moore of Crazy P and Veba

Located down in the basement toilet of the Albert Hall, “La Pisscotheque” saw headliner Danielle Moore of Crazy P join one of Manchester's greatest soul singers Veba to resurrect the club toilet culture from the old Manumission days.

By Ben Brown | 16 February 2018

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Manchester’s Finest went down on the night to stream the set LIVE through our Facebook page and you can now watch it yourself below if you were too busy on the night to give it a go (or were upstairs in the main room dancing your head off like me).

Continuing the roaring success they’ve experienced since their first club night back in 2016, La Discotheque were at it again in Manchester and it was bigger and better than ever. The first night of the year at Albert Hall, Manchester, brought an almighty line-up including a Cassius DJ set, Prosumer, Purple Disco Machine, Luke Unabomber and my favourite of the night – Nicky Siano’s Hallelujah Disco with a live gospel choir.

Encompassing disco and house and everything in between, the line-up for the first night certainly didn’t disappoint. With the legendary Cassius, setting the scene for how the night will unfold, Studio 54 stalwart Nicky Siano managed to bring to Manchester the debut of his Hallelujah Disco, complete with a live gospel choir. And bringing in the girl from next door, Manchester’s very own party starters HomoElectric were up in the VIP bell tower with residents Jamie Bull, Luke Unabomber and Will Tramp, giving us a slice of the 0161 to the already star-studded, brilliant evening.

Albert Hall, 27 Peter St, City Centre, Manchester M2 5QR
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