Martyn @ Soup Kitchen

Our favourite tiny Northern Quarter basement decides to invite one of our favourite purveyors of dancing material. Roll on tomorrow then. 


To paraphrase AC/DC”s legendary (in our eyes) live album; if you want logical eclecticism, then this weekend, Manchester, you”ve got it in well-mixed spades.

The sounds Martyn offers up aren”t just varied, though, they”re unarguably unique. And by that we mean frustratingly scouring the Internet for days after the event in the misguided hope of locating a vendor selling that track unique. He”s so inimitable, in fact, his style has come to be known as “Martyn music”. And, whilst that”s a self-appointed title, it”s not hard to best online casino see why he”s resorted to such terminology.

Informed by (and central to the development of) dubstep (or more accurately its post-mutations), Detroit techno, future garage, drum “n” bass, and Chicago house, he also runs the 3024 imprint, the output of which is indicative of his love for diverse productions, and well worth looking into. Enough babble, anyway, tomorrow night- Friday 17th May- sees the man in question play Soup Kitchen, on Spear Street. And, if there are any doubts over either the legitimacy of this recommendation, or the location of the club, then examine the full details and clips below, which should just about set the record straight.


Martyn @ Soup Kitchen, 31-33 Spear Street,  M1 1DF 

Friday 17th May 2013 

12AM-3AM / £10 


Levi Love



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